About Our Association

Foxchase at Orange Park Owners Association is a Deed Restricted Community.

Residents who live here are bound by Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions pursuant to the Articles of Incorporation, and the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, ands Restrictions document and its Amendments which are filed with the County of Clay.  A copy of these documents are available on this website as a PDF download (see links). Any questions pertaining to any of these documents should be directed to the Board of Directors of this Home Owners Association.

All retention ponds in the Foxchase HOA Section 4 & 5 subdivision are PRIVATE PROPERTY.
Use of the retention ponds is limited ONLY to the adult residents over the age of 18 of the Foxchase HOA Sections 4 & 5. Minors of homeowners under 18 years old are ONLY permitted to have access with parental supervision by a Foxchase HOA 4 & 5 Owner.
IMPORTANT: All retention ponds are chemically treated monthly. The retention ponds are not safe areas as they have high powered electric lines in the water, alligators, poisonous snakes, and other wildlife that could be deemed dangerous. Residents who enter these premises do it at your own risk; “NO TRESPASSING” signs are posted as the HOA assumes no liability if you or anyone accompanying you are injured while using these common areas.
Violators will be arrested by the Clay County Sheriff’s officers in accordance with the State of Florida Trespassing Statutes.

Solicitation by companies and vendors IS NOT PERMITTED within Foxchase HOA Sections 4 & 5.


Read Your Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions Documents To Avoid Fines and Property Liens

Some highlights include:

ARTICLE XI, Section 3 


Sheds are permitted provided they are constructed in accordance with all Zoning Codes, the necessary permits have been acquired and there is an approval of the ARC.  Sheds must be constructed to closely match the colors of the home and have a neat appearance to compliment the neighborhood at all times.  No shacks, tents, mobile home, or other temporary or movable building or structure of any kind shall be erected or permitted to remain on any residential Lot.

Any shed that is not maintained or kept up to standard in continuity with the home and surrounding neighborhood is subject to removal by the Owner at the Owners expense upon written request by the Association.  

ARTICLE XI, Section 5 

Exterior Maintenance

Each Owner shall be responsible for the maintenance of the lawn, landscaping, and exterior of all buildings and structures on the Residential Lot owned by such Owner, whether occupied by the Owner or by a tenant of the Owner, all of which shall be maintained in a neat and orderly manner with the lawns cut, landscaping trimmed, fences maintained, and exterior of the improvements painted and in good repair.  No garbage cans, bicycles, lawnmowers, carts, wagons, etc. are to be left out unattended in the front or side of a Residence where said could be seen from the street for more than one day.   Lawns overgrown and not maintained by Owner for more than 2 weeks between the months of March and December will be subject to maintenance by the Association at the cost to the Owner plus a ten-dollar ($10.00) fine to the Association for management purposes.  The Association and its agent or representative shall have the right, but not the obligation, to enter upon such Owner’s property to do said maintenance.  Once these unpaid fees have reached two hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00), or have not been paid within 120 days, the Association may at their discretion impose a lien at the cost of the Owner.  Interest, fines and maintenance fees will continue to accrue during lien period until such fines, and subsequent fines, legal fees, and other reasonable costs are paid by the Owner. 

ARTICLE XI, Section 8 


No vehicle shall be parked on any Residential Lot or street in the subdivision unless such vehicle is operable on the highways of the State of Florida and has a current license tag.  No repair work shall be performed on any vehicle except minor repairs, which are completed within a four (4) hour duration. 

  1. RV’s and Boats are permitted providing they are behind the fenced in property of the Owner and the overall height does not exceed eight (8) feet more than fence height of six (6) feet.  

(b) One (1) commercial work vehicle consisting of or limited to a car, small van, or pick-up truck is permitted provided it is kept in the driveway.  No street parking ofcommercial vehicles is permitted.

(c) Work related trailers and equipment are not permitted to be parked or stored on any residential lot by any Owner or renter unless parked behind their fenced in property and must not be visible from the street or neighbors yard.

Any Owner in violation of this section, upon written notice from the Association will have 72 hours to comply or will be subject to an Association fine of not more than twenty five ($25.00) dollars per day. Once unpaid fines have reached two hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00), the Association may at their discretion impose a lien at the cost of the Owner.  Interest, fines and maintenance fees will continue to accrue during lien period until such fines, and subsequent fines, legal fees, and other reasonable costs are paid and the Owner complies with these restrictions.  A repeat violation of the same offense will be considered a continuance of the original citation and finable immediately with no further notices required.  


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