CONTACTS: For Foxchase Subdivisions 1-2, & 3

There are 3 separate HOA’s in the Foxchase development; Subdivision 1-2, Subdivision 3, and Subdivision 4-5.  The map below indicates the subdivision streets.

If you are looking to contact Subdivisions 1-2 or 3 for any reason, the other TWO Foxchase Home Owner Associations contacts that we are aware of are:

MAP AREA 1). Foxchase Civic Association 1 – 2
(Foxchase 1 & 2 is a Volunteer Civic Association, not an HOA)
Pam Kreinest, President
(904) 303-3755

MAP AREA 2). Foxchase HOA 3
(Foxchase Unit Three Planned Community Homeowners Association, Inc.)
Shaun Hutson, President
(904) 891-5712       HOA 3 Board of Directors EMAIL:

MAP AREA 3). Foxchase HOA 4 & 5

HOA Google Street Map-9-12-18

Click on map for larger image and streets by subdivision.

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